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  1. Meet Lola, our new Guide Dog Puppy!

    We are delighted to welcome Lola as our new puppy. We will keep you 'pupdated' as we receive more news of her progress. Thank you to all of our customers that have purchased our Guide Dog products to make this possible, we are very grateful.
  2. Altomed join forces to help Guide Dogs

    Altomed are excited to announce that they have chosen Guide Dogs as their new charity partner. Altomed will be supporting Guide Dogs by participating in a range of fundraising projects and will also be donating £10 to the charity for each reusable Volk lens purchased by UK customers. * Altomed and Mid-Optic are committed to making a positive impact in...
  3. Mid-Optic joins forces with Altomed

    Two of the largest independent suppliers to the eyecare sector in the UK have now become sister companies. Altomed and Mid-Optic, founded respectively in 1976 and 1979, have grown to become leading suppliers to the surgical ophthalmology and optician / optometry markets in the UK.Together the two companies are trusted to supply more than four thousand NHS and independent hospitals...
  4. Cassie's Third Pupdate

    As Cassie continues to progress through the puppy raising stage, we’ve been in touch with her Puppy Raiser, Jane, one last time to find out how they’ve been getting on and what they’re doing to help prepare her for the next stage. Jane told us that Cassie has been making lovely progress with her training and that she’s mostly doing...
  5. Cassie's 4 Month Puppy Progress Report

  6. Cassie's First Pupdate

    Cassie has been living with her Puppy Walker, Jane, since she was born as Jane also happens to look after Cassie’s mum, Sky! We’ve been in touch with Jane to find out how everything is going. Often when a puppy moves to a new environment, there can a few unsettled nights at first while they find their feet. However, as...
  7. 2019 Impact Report out now

    Great work by SeeAbility, so pleased to continue or support and partnership with such a great organisation. Take a look at their latest Impact Report here -
  8. Harley's Update Nov 2019

    Harley's Update Nov 2019
    We are delighted to attach a picture of Harley, our latest Guide Dog. Harley has now completed his training, it is wonderful to see how much he has grown in the last year. Sales of our Guide Dog related products, in our catalogue and on our website, allow us to continue our support for the Guide Dogs. So we thank you...
  9. Harley's Third Pupdate

    Harley has now been with his Puppy Walker, Jackie, for several months and has been progressing well through the puppy walking stage of his guide dog training. We've been in touch with Jackie again recently to find out how Harley has been getting on. Jackie said that Harley is a really lovely dog and is very affectionate. He's great at...
  10. Harley's 4 Month Progress Report

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