I-DEW Ultra Eye Drops

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For Eye Allergies & Severe Dryness.

The Intensive Double-Action Ocular Lubricate to Protect and Rejuvenate the Eye Surface.

  • An intensive blend of naturally occurring tear components that rehydrates and protects the eye surface. It is helpful for irritation and dryness of the eyes caused due to pollen exposure and eye allergy.
  • A blend of Ocular Lubricates containing Naturally-Occurring tear components such as sodium Hyaluronate and Xanthan Gum. Their ideal Viscoelastic and lubricating properties provide a natural protective coating to the eye surface.
  • Includes Compatible L-Carnitine & Erythritol that helps restore the Natural Osmotic Balance of the eye surface to rejuvenate tired eyes.
  • Drug-FREE way to Relieve Eye Irritation & Dryness due to Pollen Exposure and contains Naturally Occurring Tear Components that Rehydrate and Protect the Eye Surface. This makes it an Ideal option for Hayfever Sufferers.
  • Composition: Sodium Hyaluronate 0.18%, Compatible Solutes, Glycerol, Xanthan gum & Essential Eye Electrolytes.
  • Presentation: Filled in a sterile 10ml multi-dose bottle FREE from harmful preservatives and enclosed within a thermo-protective pack.
  • Intensive Double Action Dry Eye Relief for the more severe cases.